Why Ready Electric

Why Ready Electric

So, why choose Ready Electric as your trusted Electrical & Specialty Contractor? There are other reasons beyond the technical that set Ready above the rest. Ready is committed to Safety. The safety of our people, the safety of our clients & the safety of our community. Ready is a company built on a solid foundation of ethical business practices that are carried forth by employee owners. Lastly, Ready is a company that is committed to our local community.


The Ready Electric Company, Inc. is committed to safety by ensuring safe work environments, employee education and training, and established engineering control measures to protect our employees.

A corporate Health and Safety Program has been established, which has enabled us to enjoy an impeccable safety record in the electrical construction industry.

The Safety Department and all applicable programs - including employee safety awareness, education, training and jobsite inspections - are under the direction of Jeffrey D. Callam, our Safety Director.

We are certified by the Association of Reciprocal Safety Council.

Available Employee Training and Education:

Ready Electric safety program

  • New Hire Orientation
  • Company Safety Policy
  • Company Hazard Communication Policy
  • Substance Abuse Program
  • First Aid and CPR
  • E.ON US Passport Training
  • OSHA 10-Hour and 30-Hour Training
  • Equipment Training
  • Tool Training
  • MSHA (Mine Safety & Health Administration)
  • Safety Award Program
  • Weekly Tool Box Safety Meetings

Our current EMR Rating for 2011 is 0.78.

"Safety is an attitude and a frame of mind.  It is the awareness of ones environment and the ability to recognize those hazards by taking proper action each and every day."

If you would like further information about our Safety Department and procedures, please contact Mr. Jeff Callam at jeffc@readyelec.com, 502-893-2511 (Office), or 502-893-2519 (Fax).


Employee Ownership

In 2007, Ready Electric became an employee-owned company, or ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Program). The ESOP provides a unique environment where employee owners have a direct impact on the performance of the company and it's value. As employee owners, we understand that the success of our projects and clients is paramount to the success of Ready Electric.


Community Involvment

Ready Electric financially supports the Baptist Hospital Foundation & the Norton Foundation annually.

Ready Electric has an active role in the acquisition of electrical permits for the Habitat For Humanity

Ready Electric employees are active in their faiths, at their respective churches and support mission programs.