Lighting Protection

Lighting Protection

Lightning Protection

Ready Electric is the premier lightning protection provider for the Kentucky area providing engineering consultation, design, installation and maintenance of Lightning Protection systems.All of the systems we design and install begin with our on-staff licensed engineer and are completed under the supervision of qualified installers certified bi the Lightning Protection Institute. Additionally, we maintain annual partnering agreements with Underwriters laboratories for customers seeking the “UL Master Label”.

The need for lightning protection varies by geographic area and we have many years experience in understanding the physical properties of lightning strikes. Depending the specific needs of our clients, our systems can be designed and certified under UL 96 or NFPA 780 guidelines. Many of our customers recognize us for the not only the quality of work we perform but also the partnership we have maintained with East Coast Lightning Protection Equipment for over 10 years.

Lightning Protection Services

  • Site Surveys / Consultation
  • Surge Protection
  • Lightning Rod / cabling Systems
  • Maintenance


  • Barracks – Ft. Knox Kentucky
  • Blue grass army Dept Army Reserve Center – Richmond, KY
  • Federal Mazzoli Building – Louisville, KY
  • Papa John’s Headquarters – Louisville, KY
  • Kentucky Utilities Power Plant – Ghent, KY
  • Baptist East Tower – Louisville, KY
  • Univ. of Kentucky Mechanical Eng. Bldg – Lexington, KY
  • Louisville Zoo Expansion Projects – Louisville, KY
  • Jim Beam Distilleries – Clermont, KY